Our Beliefs

At AMI Creative Studio, we have a specific set of beliefs that guide our link building business.

These beliefs determine everything we do – the way we build links, the way we reach out to webmasters, the way we treat our employees, and the way we treat our clients.

Link building is a big, labor intensive project that requires cooperation and excellent communication. That’s why we feel that you should know your link building agency’s point of view – and agree with it.


We believe in full transparency.

We believe in protecting your brand and making sure that there are no unpleasant surprises with your link building project. To that end, our transparency in the search marketing industry is unprecedented.

Our clients have full access to their project. We customize our reporting to you — we’re happy to report every link we’ve built, every outreach email we’ve sent, and every target website we’ve found.

In addition to basic reporting, we customize the project to your needs and goals. That means you can review the links we’ve acquired, the strategies we’re using, target sites, articles, graphics, emails and anything else that relates to your project — and you can view it all at your convenience.

We’re also happy to provide scheduled reports that detail links achieved, strategies utilized, and future plans for their project.

Even more importantly, your link building project manager is just a phone call or an email away. Communication is essential, so we want to make it as easy as possible.


We believe in relevancy.

We are a relevancy first firm. We believe achieving long-term rankings for your keywords means that your backlink profile must be relevant to those keywords.

Because of that, we pursue only relevant sites for link building. Relevancy makes sense from a human perspective — if a link doesn’t make sense, we won’t pursue it. We believe in thoughtfully-curated links built by humans — effective links that won’t violate Google’s link schemes guidelines.

We often say that we’re relevancy first, page rank second.

Hourly Link Building

We believe in hourly link building.

The web is a vast, nearly endless place that provides plenty of opportunity for creative link builders. Relevant, thoughtful links are also created by humans — not by machines. That’s why we sell our link building services by the hour.

Every niche on the web and every project is unique. When it comes to building effective links, predicting and promising a certain number is futile.

Instead, we promise to work hard. We’ll build as many high-quality links as we can with the hours you purchase. Our unparalleled transparency ensures that you’ll see our work in action, and we’re always available to answer questions.

When you purchase an hourly package, your hours will be used within the month you purchase them. Purchasing more hours means we can devote more time to your project — and more time means more links.

When we have more hours to work with, we can better focus, hone-in, and build effective, relevant backlinks.

Every project is different but, like anything else, the more you focus on link building the better you get at the task.


We believe in specialization.

We believe that being the best requires specialization. In the past, we were a general SEO firm that performed both on-page and off-page SEO. While we were doing “everything” in SEO, we found that link building was often overlooked and neglected. Link building is difficult, and it often falls by the wayside because the easier tasks are undertaken before any links are built.

Though our general SEO work we also found that link building was the most effective way to rank webpages in the search engines. That realization led to a fateful day in 2010 when we decided we’d focus entirely on link building.

You can’t build good links to a subpar website, however, so our general SEO skill and knowledge also informs everything we do.

We’re a link building firm that’s well-versed in SEO, and the results of our specialization have been staggering. We’ve learned a mind-boggling amount about building relevant, sustainable backlinks since we started—and we realized there’s even more to learn. It’s an eternal process in an ever-changing industry.

We specialize because effective link building requires constant education and self-improvement.

We now build links for every imaginable niche and product for online publishers all over the globe.

Hard Work

We believe in hard work.

Link building is not glamorous, prestigious. Link building is the result of highly-educated, intelligent men and women scouring the internet for target sites and brainstorming creative ways to get links from those sites. If you want relevant, high-quality backlinks then hard work is the only way.

Our link building teams get to work at 7am and work hard until 5pm. Don’t worry, though—we know how to relax and have fun, too. We take a three day weekend every week, but from Monday to Thursday we spend all day building the best links we possibly can.


We believe in research and education.

Link building is a relatively new discipline. In many ways, its beginnings are happening right now. We’ve found that researching our industry, pioneering strategies and following best practices has been critical. We’re fully committed to researching industry changes and keeping our link builders educated on the present state of search marketing—it’s how we keep our edge.

No Outsourcing

We don’t outsource our work.

Early in our careers, we utilized outsourced solutions for our SEO needs and it worked out very nicely. When we decided to focus on link building, however, we found that outsourcing was impossible

We use an entirely in-house staff of highly-educated writers, researchers, outreach specialists, and SEO experts to ensure the highest possible quality work.


We believe in clear, consistent, and open communication. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s a value we hold very dear.

Every project begins with a 30 minute call to initiate your link building project. During that initial call, we discuss every component of your project: your goals, your brand, your industry, and our strategy for your project.

We offer continual communication with your link building project manager. You can reach us by email and by phone at any time, and you can also opt-in for a monthly report on your project.

That means you get unlimited phone and email access to your link building project manager. Our project managers are eager to discuss your link building campaign and all of the intricate details involved.

We believe that you should be aware of every part of your project and have input at every level.


We believe in teamwork.

We build links in teams because building links alone, isolated from other people in cubicles, is nearly impossible. Our link builders sit close together and have lively discussions about each phase of your project.

Our team structure capitalizes on each link builder’s strengths and makes sure that there’s a capable person to handle every aspect of your link building campaign.


We believe in being honest.

Honesty is not only the best policy, it’s our only policy. We approach link building in a straightforward, no-BS way. We work hard, use our brains and build every link the right way.

Fair pricing

We believe in fair pricing.

Because we build links by the hour, we’re very sensitive about using every minute you purchase from us wisely. We also keep our pricing extremely competitive with other firms offering similar services.



Let’s work together!