Fort Myers Adwords Marketing

If you are ready to make a leap in your business, there is no better way to make money than by investing in Fort Myers Adwords Marketing (Pay Per Click) which allows you to reach potential clients that otherwise would be unaware of your business.

Make your Fort Myers Adwords Marketing campaign reach further and bring more customers, efficiently.

Strategic Fort Myers Adwords Marketing at an affordable price. Being effective in PPC long-term depends on proving the return for each dollar spent (Return On Investment, aka ROI).  this is where we truly excel.

  • Google AdWords Account Management
  • Bing Ads Management (includes Yahoo!)Fort Myers Adwords Marketing
  • Mobile Fort Myers Adwords Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Dynamic Display Ads
  • Re-marketing
  • Location Based Targeting
  • YouTube/Video AdvertisingFort Myers Adwords Marketing

Fort Myers Adwords Marketing

Service & Value Leader in Fort Myers Adwords Marketing

Paid search can drive traffic quickly and effectively, but must be closely tracked and constantly improvedDelivering weekly status reports and strategies is one way I help you understand what you’re paying for, unlike many large agencies. This will keep us both on track towards a common goal of increasing your revenue and bringing a higher return on your investment.

We understand the complexity of paid online marketing, and we’re ready to execute within even the most competitive verticals.

dare to compare us to competitors by viewing the PPC Company Price Comparison Report. We guarantee to match or beat any other Fort Myers Adwords Marketing agencies’ prices. AMI Creative Studio provides the best value in the industry and will never charge a setup fee.

80% of All Searches are on Google

Google AdWords is one of the best platforms to introduce your new business into the market or to promote your existing business. It gives an opportunity to businesses of any size to gain extensive online exposure within their budget & make the most of their advertising dollars.

Creating a successful well optimized campaign can be quite challenging & using professional help can save you time & costs involved in learning and implementing it yourself.

Target Your Customers by Location

Fort Myers Adwords Marketing

With Google AdWords you can target your customers by location. AdWords lets you be incredibly specific when it comes to targeting your ads. You can select from countries, territories, regions and cities when placing your ad. You can choose a point on the map and specify a radius around it where your ads will appear, and even exclude certain areas within your selected locations. Growing, local businesses can make sure they’re reaching their regional audience.

Comprehensive Reports

Every week we deliver comprehensive status reports on your PPC campaign(s) so you can see the progress and exactly where your money is going. We offer full transparency which we feel is important. Many agencies or consultants do not offer any statistics of how your campaign is performing or where your money is really going. Not only do we show you how your campaign is doing but we go over strategies that we are going to take to improve it. It’s important to keep a close eye on these campaigns to be able to beat competitors and capture conversions. We have got your back!

No Contracts

We won’t lock you into a ridiculous agreement that only benefits us. We offer services on a month-to-month basis so you won’t feel pressured if you just want to test the water (for market research, testing, etc.). We are available as long as you need us. No obligations, no hard feelings. We’ll leave that up to you.

Fort Myers Adwords Marketing

What You Won’t Get With Us

We are not a big agency (on purpose). We don’t have a large client base, so you are not going to be one of hundreds of clients. We have a maximum of 20 clients at a time to ensure you are getting everything you need to rank well in the search engines. Fort Myers Adwords Marketing is time consuming, it is hard, and you need someone that is going to dedicate the hours needed to get the job done right.

Overview of PPC Management Services:

  • In-depth Competitor Research and Analysis
  • In-depth Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Google AdWords and/or Microsoft Bing/Yahoo Campaign creation and management
  • Campaign Performance analysis and optimization
  • Professional Conversion Optimization
  • A/B Testing of Ads
  • Landing page creation and/or optimization
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Mobile campaign creation and management
  • Display Network marketing (graphic ads)
  • Ad re-marketing
  • Location based geo-targeted ads
  • Demographic targeting
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Full transparency reporting (so you know exactly how your campaign is doing)
  • Performance metrics
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly progress reports
  • Expert deep Return On Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Rich Media ad creation
  • Online lead and conversion tracking
  • Keyword Performance analysis and optimization
  • Unlimited access to your own, personal account manager

Clients of All Sizes

We have been very fortunate to work with clients from both ends of the spectrum. Whether it be a multi-million dollar corporation, or a small business – we can help you and we are willing to work with you if your budget is tight.

We even work with many  Fort Myers Adwords Marketing agencies (that’s right, they even ask us for help and we work with many agencies as a white label solution – behind the scenes)

Success is Within Reach

Marketing your business with Google AdWords will bring you customers immediately and with my help, efficiently and cost effectively. Find out why my clients love working with me. Not to mention,

2012, 2013 & 2014 Google AdWords All-Stars Competition Winner

Fort Myers Adwords Marketing

We are always available to help so if you or your company needs an Award Winning Search Engine Marketing agency to aggressively head your Fort Myers Adwords Marketing or SEO, please contact us at 941-773-9665 or by email: and let us show you how we are the best solution to growing your business.

Free Consultation or Fort Myers Adwords Marketing audit – Let AMI Creative Studio review your site and tell you what we can do to help your PPC campaign by providing quality Fort Myers Adwords Marketing.

Still Not Sure?

Read these Google AdWords Success Stories straight from real customers or watch their encouraging videos on how they became successful using Google AdWords Fort Myers Adwords Marketing.