Horror Stories

Many of our clients have come to us with horror stories of the web industry that never cease to amaze us. We have heard it all and we are proud to say that we have helped every single person that has come to us with their crazy stories of being held hostage by their Web Developer or getting bad reviews by a rogue Black Hat SEO… So take some time and read these stories to learn what to look for because you may be on the receiving end of some harmful SEO and marketing practices.

What is Black Hat SEO Anyways?

Black Hat SEO is anything deemed harmful by Google to gain page ranking fast using outdated or illegal SEO practices. What is Black Hat SEO?

Held Hostage by my Web Developer

By Cody Oelker

A client of mine, who is now a good friend, came to me saying that he had an issue with his Web Developer/SEO guy who had been bullying him into keeping services with him. The guy said his web guy was holding him hostage claiming that if he cancelled his services, he would delete his site, put up a message making him look bad to potential customers, give him bad reviews on Google and do everything he could to give him bad rankings and issues with Google. He claimed he had the power to hack his site if he ever built a new one and he would “take him down” using proxy servers and other “hacking” tactics. He had no choice because he didn’t know the power a web guru may or may not have, so he stayed with him… That is until he talked to me. I informed him that this guy had no authority or power over him whatsoever so we set him up a new site, moved the domain and started over. It didn’t take long at all for his rankings to climb higher than ever, because I don’t use black hat SEO tactics, and the customers came rolling in. This, of course, made the former web guy angry and he proceeded to send hate mail to him and tried anything he could to hurt my new client. It didn’t work, he violated so many policies with Google that he was banned and his client’s websites were too.

So you see, working with a Web Developer or SEO who is using black hat SEO practices is harmful to your business. Google can and will remove you from their search engine, indefinitely for association and use of these methods. Don’t be a victim.

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