HID Country Case Study

HID Country Case Study

Case Study: HID Country


Background: HID Country is a purveyor of automobile lighting kits known as HID Kits or HID headlight kits as well as high-end flashlights with a global market.

The Challenge: The challenge the client faced was having a failing Google AdWords account that needed fixed while increasing sales in a competitive, global market.


  • Develop and grow strong online presence
  • Create brand awareness globally
  • Define, find and engage target audience
  • Increase online sales by 25%
  • Lower CPA while boosting ROI through redesigned paid search campaigns
  • Create a long-term solution for sustainable growth
  • Repair failing AdWords account


  • Develop a strategic search engine marketing plan with actionable roadmap
  • Strong market research and an overhaul of existing paid search strategies
  • Thorough A/B split testing of ad text, landing pages and checkout process (funnel testing)
  • Remove and block negative keywords and irrelevant search queries to save budget that can otherwise be spent on productive keywords

What We Achieved:

  • 77% increase in sales
  • 335% increase in traffic to website
  • #1 Google Positioning for target keywords

Our two-fold approach was to fix the failing Google AdWords account while increasing sales and traffic to the ecommerce website. After repairing their paid search campaign, their global traffic increased with sales increasing 77%.



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