Facebook Ads

If you are ready to make a leap in your business, there is no better way to make money than by investing in Facebook Ads. Ads on Facebook allow you to reach potential clients that otherwise would be unaware of your business with very precise tools for targeting your audience based on several demographics, locations and content – all based on their interests. Every time a person likes something, joins a group or comments on something, Facebook tracks that data and uses it to help marketing gurus, like us, help other businesses, like you, put your ads in front of them.

Facebook Ads

Make your Facebook Ads campaign reach further and bring more customers, efficiently.

Professional and strategic Facebook Ads campaign management and marketing is crucial. Being effective long-term depends on proving the return for each dollar spent (Return On Investment or ROI).  This is where we truly excel.

We create, manage and optimize Facebook Ads to be effective and target an audience that is most likely to make a purchase. Paid search can drive traffic quickly and effectively, but must be closely tracked and constantly improvedWe understand the complexity of paid online marketing, and we are ready to execute within even the most competitive verticals.

Facebook Ads

We use in-depth keyword analysis tools, competitor research and analysis tools, and market research to get your brand, products or services on Facebook quickly so your customers can find you and follow through to your website.

Targeted Traffic

Facebook allows you to be incredibly specific when it comes to targeting your ads. With our help, you are capable of targeting customers by location, keyword, interest, demographic and/or mobile device.

Campaign Management

Conversion optimization and bid strategies help target customers looking for your products.

Free Consultation (Facebook Ads Campaign audit) – Let us review your site and tell you what we can do to help your campaign by providing high quality, professional Facebook Ads.


Overview of Facebook Ads Account Services:

  • In-depth Competitor Research and Analysis
  • In-depth Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Facebook Ads Campaign creation and management
  • Campaign Performance analysis and optimization
  • Professional Conversion Optimization
  • A/B Testing of Ads
  • Landing page creation and/or optimization
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Mobile campaign creation and management
  • Ad re-marketing
  • Location based geo-targeted ads
  • Demographic targeting
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Full transparency reporting (so you know exactly how your campaign is doing)
  • Performance metrics
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly progress reports
  • Expert deep Return On Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Rich Media ad creation
  • Online lead and conversion tracking
  • Keyword Performance analysis and optimization
  • Unlimited access to your own, personal account manager

Need Help?

Creating a successful well optimized campaign can be quite challenging. Using professional help can save you time and costs involved in learning and implementing it yourself or training your team. If you would like for us to train you or your team, please visit our page about PPC Training.